Video speed controller

By Deepak Karki, on 04 September 2018

This is the 28th project of Wes Bos's JS30 series. To see the whole 30 part series, click here Today we'll build an experimental video speed controller UI.

Video -

Starter code -

We'll be building a video speed controller where the user can control the video speed just by hovering the mouse over the controller bar. This will be a mixture of various things we've dealt before!

The HTML we have

<div class="wrapper">
    <video class="flex" width="765" height="430" src="" loop controls></video>
    <div class="speed">
      <div class="speed-bar"></div>

video.flex is the video element whose playback rate we'll change, the div.speed element is the speed controller and div.speed-bar is the current playback speed indicator.

Let's select all the DOM elements we'll use

const speed = document.querySelector('.speed');
const bar = speed.querySelector('.speed-bar');
const video = document.querySelector('video');

//min, max playback speed
const min = 0.4;
const max = 4;

Listen to mouse move on the speed controller

speed.addEventListener('mousemove', handleMove)

The handleMove function does two things - changes the height of div.speed-bar and changes the playback rate of the video.

Changing the speed bar height

function handleMove(e) {
  const y = e.pageY - this.offsetTop
  const percent = y / this.offsetHeight
  const height = Math.round(percent * 100) + '%' = height
  1. Calculate the y value of the mouse within the speed controller. y = e.pageY - this.offsetTop
  2. Get the fraction which it represents, i.e. y value / total height. percent = y / this.offsetHeight
  3. Get the height in %, height = Math.round(percent * 100) + '%'
  4. Set the speed-bar to that height. = height

Changing the playback rate

// in handleMove()
const playbackRate = percent * (max - min) + min;
bar.textContent = playbackRate.toFixed(2) + '×';
video.playbackRate = playbackRate;

To get the playback rate we map the percentage into the min to max range, and add the min offset. That is how we get playbackRate = percent * (max - min) + min.

We then just update the text in the speed bar and the playback rate of the video.

This completes our exercise. The final codepen is below -

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